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ROPA Method: IVF with Ovocyte Reception from your Partner

ROPA Method: IVF with Ovocyte Reception from your Partner


What is the ROPA method?

It is a variant of In Vitro Fertilization in which the reproductive cycles of both women are synchronized allowing the participation of both.
One of them prepares for the egg retrieval and the other for the gestation of the baby.
Donor sperm will be used taking into account the characteristics of the patients.

Requirements for the ROPA method

The Spanish regulation 14/2006 requires the couple to be married in order to be able to perform the treatment, thus both contracting the same legal obligations and rights with the baby, or to be a common-law couple.

What is the ROPA method process like?

Study of fertility

Before starting a ROPA treatment, it is necessary to perform a personalized and individualized study of the couple.

The basic tests that are performed during this visit are:
1- Egg donor mother

  • Ultrasound to confirm that the uterus and ovaries are ready to start treatment.
  • Analysis of ovarian reserve, this is obtained through an analysis of antimullerian hormone, estradiol and FSH, in addition to the antral follicle count by ultrasound.
  • Analysis of infectious diseases.

Recipient mother

  • Analysis of infectious diseases.
  • Ultrasound of the uterus to confirm that it is fit to start treatment.

However, our team of specialists may determine that further testing is necessary.

A selection of donor sperm will be made according to the characteristics of the patients.

Start of the treatment

Once the results of all the tests are obtained, the treatment begins.

The first stage consists of the stimulation of the donor mother. It begins with the administration of gonadotropins between the first and third day of menstruation.

This medication is used to stimulate in a controlled manner the functioning of the donor mother.

After approximately 5 days from the beginning of the stimulation, another medication with GnRH antagonists is added to control the ovarian stimulation and to have a better response to the gonadotropins, as well as to avoid the LH peak so that there is no ovulation. The administration of this medication should be daily.

Approximately every 48 hours ultrasound scans will be performed to monitor the follicles and, when the gynecologist decides that the follicles should be stimulated, the gynecologist will perform an ultrasound scan to monitor the follicles.

And follicular puncture is scheduled. At that time the patient should stop all medication that was being administered and inject an ovulation inducer. Ovulation induction can be done by GnRH agonist.

In the case of the recipient mother, on the first day of menstruation, the procedure is started with hormone replacement therapy (TSH). The gynecologist will perform control ultrasounds until the endometrium is ready for the transfer.


The donor mother will undergo follicular puncture 36 hours after administration of the GnRH agonist.
The recipient mother initiates progesterone the night of the donor breast puncture to prepare for embryo transfer.


Embryo transfer is performed 5 days post-puncture.

Pregnancy test

Pregnancy testing is performed 10-14 days post-transfer.

ROPA Method

What is the price?

Price of ROPA Method


Up to 24 monthly payments of €247


% of interest

Possibility of adapting payments to your needs: Representative example for a loan of €7,950 over a period of 24 months. Cash price €7,950 TIN 0%, APR 0%. 24 installments of €331.25. Total amount financed: €7,950. Total price in installments and total amount owed: €7,950. Financing offered by Sabadell Consumer Finance and subject to your approval.

  • First visit
  • Antimullerian hormone analyzes for both
  • Ultrasound for both
  • Results consultation

Price of the Study Pack for moms


Frequent questions

Do you have to be married?

Spanish law requires that you must be married to be able to undergo the ROPA method of treatment.

Who gets pregnant?

The couple decides which will be the donor mother and which will be the recipient mother.

Can we choose the sperm donor?

No. The selection of the sperm donor is anonymous and is done with a study of the characteristics of the patients.

Know the opinions of our patients

Marta Balaguer, Barcelona, España


I have been to other clinics and there is no comparison with the human and personal treatment that I have received in the Center of Barcelona. Waiting for pregnancy test results. 🤞 Wish me luck

Raquel López, Girona, España


Thanks to the doctors’ experience we felt very calm and the results were highly successful.

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